iOS Swift Development Blog by Natascha Fadeeva
Natascha Fadeeva
Freelance Senior iOS Developer
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  • 7+ years of experience in a professional environment
  • Worked for companies of different sizes on complex user-focused software applications
  • Proficiency in writing clean, reusable and testable code by using clean software architecture and design patterns
  • Masters degree in computer science
  • Ability to work on projects requiring detailed analysis, team work, problem solving, time management, clear communication and logical thinking
In my non-coding time, I'm always up for some physical activity. Especially for sports which include using some kind of a ball like badminton, table tennis or volleyball. I love being outside hiking, exploring new places and enjoying the nature. I'm passionate about animals, love being surrounded by dogs playing and training with them. And, the most important thing is doing all those things with my loved ones.